Kyeiwaa Photo credit: @kyiewaatutugyagutv
Kyeiwaa Photo credit: @kyiewaatutugyagutv

Ghanaian Kumawood actress, Rose Akua Attaa Mensah, also known as Kyeiwaa Tutugyagu, has said that her exceptional acting skills, particularly how she chewed bread and oil in previous minor roles, helped her secure the lead role in the popular Kyeiwaa movie.

She explained that during her portrayal of a witch in previous movies, she was given bread filled with red oil to chew, and her serious and convincing performance caught the attention of Danfo BA, who then chose her as the best candidate for the Kyeiwaa role.

“When I played the role of witch in some movies I had starred in, I was given bread stuffed with red oil. If you saw me chewing the bread, you could tell that I was serious about the acting work. This made Danfo BA see me as the best candidate for the Kyeiwaa role,” she said.

Kyeiwaa Tutugyagu, who had travelled to America in search of better opportunities, returned to Ghana and credited her previous minor roles for preparing her for the big role in Kyeiwaa.

Her outstanding performance in the movie led to her immense popularity, with people pointing at her in admiration wherever she went and giving her praise for her excellent portrayal of the character.