Renowned Ghanaian actress, Christiana Awuni, has opened up on events that led her to early marriage and motherhood.

Born in Kulungu, a town in Navrongo of the Upper East Region, she spent most of her early years there with her parents and two siblings.

With her father as military person, they were almost all the time transferred from one town to the other.

Narrating her story on Adom TV’s M’ashyase3, Madam Awuni indicated she was always in the company of boys and education was less of her worry as she never took it serious.

“My mother, who was the one always with us too, didn’t seem to care and said or did little or nothing about it. But I don’t blame her too because, during that time, the perception was that education wasn’t a thing for girls because they will eventually end up in the kitchen,” she told Afia Amankwa Tamakloe.

As a result, she dropped out of Junior Secondary School (JSS 3) and had to manoeuvre her own way through life as of age 15.

She revealed she relocated to Accra but had to do meagre jobs including ‘kayeyei’, washing bowls at chop bars, and petty trading to make ends meet.

Amid her hussle, she met her husband at the age of 17 and though they were not officially married, she moved in with him and gave birth to two children with him.

This marriage, she bemoaned, was more of a curse than a blessing as it made her do terrible things including becoming a drunkard and violent person.

Her own life tore apart before her very eyes and gave her a bad name at 441 at Nima where they stayed.

The situation she said became worse as she was out of job so was her husband and upon the relaisation that nothing good may come out of it, she ended things with her children’s father.