Boxer Michael Ayittey Okine, widely known as Ayittey Powers has once again failed to adhere to the rules of the boxing federation by fighting Baba Spirit on live TV.
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It is unclear  if boxer, Ayittey Powers and Baba Spirit already have unresolved scores to settle but their differences reached a crescendo at the studios of Accra-based ATV on Monday night.
In a video that is bound to go viral, Ayittey Powers who appeared on ATV as a guest expressed dissatisfaction at having Baba Spirit as a co-guest.
“If I knew you were going to invite this boy here, I wouldn’t have come in the first place,” he said.
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As Baba Spirit begun to retort, Ayittey Powers pounced on him and gave the comedian some wild punches.
“Ey, ey, I beg you; nipa mmra ooo, nipa mmra ooo, Help, help, help!” a very alarmed and frightened host of the show, Sokoohemaa screamed.


But for the swift intervention of some two men, the fight would have been an bloody, considering the stuck differences in the size of the two.
This is about the third time the two have engaged in a brawl.
The fight, according to sources, stems from long held feud between Powers and Baba Spirit. Baba Spirit has allegedly been throwing tantrums at the boxer amidst mockery after the latter lost to Bukom Banku.
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Baba Spirit reportedly mocked Ayittey Powers after he lost to Bukom Banku in a fight, and even went on to say that as slim as he is, he could easily beat Powers too.
He also asserted that Ayittey is so weak that even his wife beats him, a claim that has infuriated Powers though he kept things to himself.


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