A homeless Nigerian man, Ali Olakunmi, has become a celebrity overnight after a model failed to show up for a scheduled photoshoot session.

His life took a new turn when he had a ‘chance-meeting’ with a Lagos-based photographer, Afolabi Lagos.

The photographer left social media users stunned after he narrated his encounter with Mr Olakunmi and how he agreed to model for a shoot.

He explained that while waiting for his original model to show up for a shoot, he found Mr Olakunmi sleeping under a bridge and decided to get him to model instead.

The video captured the photographer waking the homeless man up to ask him if he wanted to try modeling – where he nodded his head in affirmation.


Quickly, the homeless man, after the photoshoot where he donned a green suit, garnered many likes and comments on social media.

Being poised to becoming the next big thing in the runway industry, his first caption read: My name is Ali and I am born to be great.

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