Highlife musician, Nana Aboagye Dacosta, says he will sue highlife musician Kuami Eugene and rapper Captain Planet after they allegedly sampled his Feeling Bam song on their latest Abodie track.

According to him, many people get away with copyright infringement in the country but he is willing to get to the bottom of the matter involving the Lynx record label signee and Captain Planet of the defunct 4×4 music group.

Speaking on Adom FM‘s mid-morning show dubbed Work and Happiness, Nana Aboagye Dacosta said he took note of the sampling the first time he heard the Abodie song.

Reacting to it, he said:

They have taken advantage of it and we will take them to court for real. If someone approaches you before he does such, it’s out of respect. But if it’s otherwise you have to bring them to book, he told host OPD.


If you take something of mine of any little value, I can spend more to seek equity but if you steal millions and I realise you did it out of respect, I can let it slide, he added.

Speaking on the same copyright subject, he said he is already in talks with one of the big brands in Ghana after they used his song for a promo without his consent.

Even a company has used my song and they have to come to see me. I approached them and they have not replied yet so I have to take my steps. I am heading to 65 years and I cannot lie but when the right thing is not done we have to pursue it, he said.

Watch the video below: