Seven years ago, Bawah met Zinabu on one of his trips to Mfensi, and realizing Zinabu to be of the same tribe, he declared his intention to marry her as the third wife.

But after living together for some years without the man paying the dowry, Zinabu decided to opt out of the relationship.

“He informed me one afternoon that he has the intention of going for a 4th wife and wanted to know my take. But I strongly disagreed with him because for the past 7 years he has not paid my bride price yet wanted to marry another woman, I will not understand,” Zinabu narrated on Nhyira Fm’s Obra Show.

The quest of Bawah to marry another woman infuriated Zinabu, who demanded compensation from the man for her to go her way.

But Bawah will not agree to Zinabu’s proposition.

“I went to the North and performed all duties as custom demands when her father died. Afterwards I wanted to marry her at the North but she refused. Since then, any time there is little misunderstanding she will pack her belongings and go live in a container. I can count about 20 times of such. For the past six months now she has been living there. I want to marry her but she has been using one thing or the other as an excuse and if she is not interested to marry again, I have nothing to say but I will not compensate her,” said Bawah.

Zinabu however says she will rather go her separate way, even without the compensation, than to contend with a 4th wife.