The Parents Association (PA) of Fijai Senior High School (SHS) has jumped to the defence of interdicted Headmaster, Kenneth Agbomadze.

The Association has indicated he is innocent of the allegations leveled against him by the Ghana Education Service (GES).

The headmaster is currently being investigated over allegations of illegal fee collection.

A statement by GES indicated that his interdiction takes immediate effect and his fate will be decided after the committee has concluded investigations.

The Service cited illegal fee collection as the reason for his interdiction but reports available to Connect FM indicate that the headmaster was part of a meeting where the PTA agreed to commit some financial assistance to the school.

The agreed fees in that meeting include Intervention fees of GH¢100 for two semesters, PTA dues of GH¢40 for two semesters, and Special Support Levy of GH¢150 for two semesters.

PTA Chairman Rev. Father Gabriel Sampson told Connect FM that the headmaster is innocent of the allegations.

“I’m a priest and I stand for the truth. I don’t have enough information but I am hearing he has been interdicted because of a fee we agreed to pay as parents. If that is the case, then I can tell you the headmaster is innocent of the allegations. He has not collected any illegal fee from parents,” he indicated.

He adds that the headmaster is privy to any decision taken by the PTA and that is the norm in every senior high school.

He indicates that an emergency meeting of parents is being assembled to determine the way forward.

“I was not part of the meeting that has brought about this issue but I’m making arrangements to have the full facts so I have called for an emergency meeting for us to decide what happens next. But the truth is that whenever we meet as parents, the headmaster provides situational reports of the school to us. Whenever we are about to have a meeting, we ask him if there are any challenges in the school we can discuss so we don’t understand what is happening.”


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Western Region PTA Chairman, Isaac Cobbina, said he believes there could be a possible scheme to sacrifice the headmaster because the reasons given have no grounds to warrant his interdiction.

“I think there could be other reasons attached to his interdiction or maybe he is being witch-hunted because the reasons don’t make any sense. If he is being interdicted because he was part of a meeting, then all headmasters in Ghana should be interdicted.

“You can ask every school, headmasters are part of our meetings. They are refusing to tackle the real problems facing the Free Senior High School Policy but some of us will not keep quiet for our children to suffer. Nobody can stop us from contributing to help our kids,” he stressed.