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Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Chairman, and Lead Surgeon at Graft Foundation, Dr Kwame Abrokwaa-Yankyera, has explained that having a big tummy is not life-threatening but some bigger ones may cause one to lose their life.

He made this revelation on GTV’s Breakfast Show.

“Recently, a lady who has a flat tummy has become the norm of the day and people do not seem to feel bad or scared about going under the knife just to get the figure ‘eight’ shape or flat tummy which attracts the opposite sex.”

This has made those with big stomachs insecure which demands them to either wear cossets or tummy bands just to suck their tummies in since they are unable to afford the surgery or are afraid of the repercussions in the future but Dr Abrokwaa-Yankyera has explained that although having a big stomach is not life-threatening, there are some stomachs that are life-threatening especially the very big ones because it makes breathing very difficult.

He explained that foods consumed are converted into sugar and oils, if the sugar turns to be more than what the body needs, for maintenance and energy requirements, the excess is stored which makes the tummy big as time goes on and the more the reason one needs to exercise more often.

He revealed that after surgery, one can eat any food but it is advisable to see a dietitian in order for them to prescribe the quantity of food that should be consumed and add exercise to it.