The wedding of a beautiful bride and the “ugliest man in the world” made headlines some years back, with many prophesying the couple would not last to enjoy their union.

But, 25 years down the line, Godfrey Baguma and his wife, Kate are still together, with eight children as the fruit of their love.

The reason for the doom prophecy is Godfrey’s unusual look; a fast growing tumour on the side of his head, which has altered his physical appearance.

Godfrey Baguma, Ugliest man in the world, and his wife, Kate

However, his wife, in a recent interview with Afrimax TV, said she looked beyond his looks and married him despite strong opposition from her family and friends.

“My family told me he is too ugly and they don’t want him in our family. It wasn’t easy because the whole family was up against me but I told them we will live together whether they like it or not. Because they did not agree, I moved in with him until we had four children before our marriage was blessed”.

Kate opened up for the first time the reason for her bold decision and how life has been, living with the man who won the Ugliest Man in the World competition in Zimbabwe.

Kate, wife of Godfrey Baguma, Ugliest man in the world

“People say we are not the perfect match but I was in love with him. I knew he had potentials so I looked beyond his looks. When we started dating, our communication was perfect and I saw honesty in him, and till today, he has never changed,” she said amidst smiles.

She added that she has never regretted her decision as the potentials she identified deep within her husband have manifested.

He revealed her husband is widely travelled and known nationwide as an award-winning comedian. He also has four medals from his side job as an artist.

Asked if she married Godfrey for his money, she replied that he was as poor as a church mouse when they met and his current financial situation is nothing better.

For critics who speculated she settled for Godfrey as she was not getting suitors, Kate bragged that she was a damsel, and men were at her beck and call, but she chose to follow her heart.

Her reason is simple, “you can’t fight the will of love”.

Nicknamed General Ugly, Godfrey appreciated his wife for being thick-skinned to all the mockery they have faced since their dating period.