File photo: Police

The Northern Regional Police Command has revealed men captured on a video wielding guns and issuing threats to Ghanaians may already be in the country.

The command, in a signal, has stated reports indicate these suspected bandits are launching attacks along the Burkina Faso-Ghana border.

“These bandits have planned on launching attacks within the Bolgatanga townships and its environs within Tamale in the coming days,” part of the signal read.

Explaining they are poised to launch the attacks any moment from now, they added the command is yet to identify the location of these persons.

The command has, therefore, urged its officers to be on high alert.


In the video, which has gone viral, the young men, believed to be in their 20s, numbering four, all had guns which they were cocking.

Three of them had pistols while another had one which appeared as a locally manufactured gun.

One of them, amid laughter, was heard saying: We commit crimes so we can live longer.

Another said: No good advice; everybody should run.

Read the statement below: