Silverbird Cinema

The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has released a list of operational guidelines for cinemas and theatres after announcing the government’s plan to ease restrictions.

Cinema and theatre operators have been asked to apply for a permit before they will be allowed to open their doors.

According to the GTA, this permit will be given to the business after a team of inspectors access the facility to ensure measures are put in place to ensure compliance with the safety protocols.

The guidelines have been placed under about 12 categories including Entrance/Exit Protocols, Ticketing and In Hall protocols among others.


The establishments are also to train in-house stewards who will be responsible for Covid-19 protocols. 

“Name and contacts must be submitted to the Ghana Tourism Authority. The Ghana Health Service will provide capacity building as support. Only Cinema/Theatre Establishments licensed by the Ghana Tourism Authority shall operate,” GTA stated in a list of guidelines sent to operators.

Also, operators are expected to seek approval from the GTA if they intend to host a movie premiere.

Among other things they are to ensure social distancing, regular disinfection of the interior of cinema hall/theatre, showing movies or dramas with two-hour duration and mandatory checking of temperature.

Also, they are to display ‘No Masks No Entry’ signage to ensure the mandatory wearing of face masks before entry and upon entry at all times and display of notification ‘Go for Your Covid-19 Vaccine’ at the entrance.

GTA stated that a team will be tasked to constantly ensure enforcement of the guidelines.

However, any establishment that fails to comply with the operational guidelines will have its permit to operate withdrawn.