Kennedy Osei Nyarko, the Chairman of the Transport Committee in Parliament, has affirmed the government’s determination to clear squatters and residents along the Tema motorway to facilitate the planned expansion of the road.

The government has disclosed its proposal to transform the motorway into a 10-lane thoroughfare featuring eight flyovers, with a budget of $380 million.

The construction timeline is set at 36 months.

Mr Nyarko highlighted the current encroachment of the expansion land by illegal squatters and the legal allocation of parts of it to private individuals by local assemblies along the stretch.

In an interview on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, the Akim Swedru MP said adequate notice had been given to those in the vicinity, and the process of relocating them would commence promptly.

While emphasizing that compensation would be provided to individuals who had legitimately acquired land through local assembly allocations, Mr. Nyarko clarified the situation for illegal occupants.

He stated that those illegally occupying the area had no legal right to stay on the property, as the original owner intended to use it for the project.

Addressing the compensation issue, he explained, “People who may have legally received land allocations from the assembly and developed on it will receive compensation for relocation. The government, through the ministry, GIIF, and the contractor, will assess and ensure compensation for those who, due to legal allocations, have built properties that will be affected. However, for those illegally occupying the area, no compensation is warranted.”

This stance reiterates the government’s commitment to executing the motorway expansion project while adhering to due process and providing fair compensation to those affected within the bounds of the law.