The Member of Parliament (MP) for Gomoa West Constituency, Richard Gyan Mensah, has lamented the levels of living conditions for the ordinary Ghanaian and how unbearable life has been for them.

Delivering a statement on the floor of Parliament, Mr Mensah touched on how expensive it is for ordinary Ghanaians to do simple things for themselves and secure their basic needs due to the high cost of goods and services in the Country.

His analysis centered on how high fuel prices affect every sphere of life and how impossible it is for Ghanaians to adopt despite a lot of adjustments.

He compared fuel pricing in other Neighbouring countries with that of Ghana and how expensive it is in Ghana due to the many taxes loaded on the ex-pump prices.


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The MP has suggested that Ghana retools and brings back the nation’s refinery (Tema Oil Refinery) to operation since it has the capacity to refine 50% of Ghana’s petroleum consumption needs.