The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has launched investigations into how a patient believed to be in her late 60s with P.O.P. on her legs was dumped in a bush at Gomoa Ojobi in the Central Region.

Residents are demanding justice for the patient who was reportedly on admission at the Winneba Trauma Hospital but died three days later after she was allegedly carried out of the hospital in an ambulance and dumped in the bush.

The patient, who had been in the hospital for two months following an accident, had two broken legs and suffered from mental illness as a result.

According to Adom FM’s correspondent, Kofi Adjei, who visited the community, the patient was initially taken to the Ojobi health centre after the accident and was later referred to the Winneba Trauma Hospital.

“They brought the woman to the Ojobi health centre and informed the Ojobi social worker. She informed the Trauma Hospital and the facility told her that they have a package for vulnerable people so they should bring the victim. So they referred the woman from Ojobi Health Centre to the Winneba Trauma Hospital where the facility treated the woman.”

According to the correspondent, the hospital explained to him that the woman started behaving erratically after being treated, possibly due to the effects of the accident.

They attempted to refer her to the Ankaful Hospital, but the facility demanded an admission fee of GH₵9,000 which neither the facility nor the Social Welfare Department could afford.

Consequently, the woman was placed in an ambulance and left in the Ojobi community.

“They needed to refer her to the Ankaful Hospital. Information gathered from the social welfare and the facility indicated that the Ankaful hospital demanded GH₵9,000 before they could admit the patient. The facility and the social welfare didn’t have the money and decided to lead the woman back to the social welfare so they could take the matter up.”

However, the Ghana Health Service has urged the public to exercise patience, assuring that anyone found to have committed any wrongdoing will face the consequences per the provision of the service’s code of conduct.