Pope Francis

Pope Francis has said that he thinks same-sex couples should be allowed to have “civil unions” but many Ghanaians have expressed disappointment in his assertion claiming it doesn’t resonate well with them.

In a country where homosexuality is frowned upon by the majority, many were unhappy with the Pope’s speech where he okayed homosexual people the right to civil union laws.

If this man is not the anti-christ then who else is. Gradually the whole world will get to know the evil nature of Catholicism. The fallen church, Arnold Blay reacted.

Nonetheless, Collins Boateng said he wasn’t surprised because he believes Pope Francis didn’t say it on behalf of the church.


This is no news at all, I am very sure even if he said this. He did not say on behalf of the church but on a personal status. We should understand when people speak or act on behalf of something or somebody and when they speak or act in their own accord.

This will be news…not just news but a very shocking one to most people who believe in the supremacy of religious leaders. May God save us, he said.

Meanwhile, Cephas Aduku urged Christians to brace up spiritually since such news only predicts how fast the end of the world (apocalypse) is approaching.

One thing is that if you hear this kind of things, don’t be amazed or surprised, it only encourages us the true Christian that the word of God is true. All of these things have been predicted by the bible so rather be strong or rekindle our faith in Christ Jesus. The worse is yet to come so be prepared, he said.

One worried Christian, Joe Wedam, stated unequivocally that the Pope’s statement goes a long way to prove that Christianity is a great facade.

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