Some students on the Government of Ghana scholarship under the ‘Ghana Scholarship Secretariat’ are said to be stranded in the United Kingdom (UK) over the delay in releasing their fees and stipends.

Some of the students are said to have been dismissed while others are being chased by their schools and landlords to pay their rent.

According to sources, some of the students have not received over eight months’ stipend, thus, worsening their situation.

Others have had to overstay because they cannot get money to return to Ghana. Some are also said to have been sued by their landlords for refusing to pay rent.

The students are calling on the government to immediately rescue them from the predicament.

Some Ghanaians have already started an online petition to gather signatories to force the Government of Ghana to come to their aid.

“The Government of Ghana should act immediately to rescue these stranded citizens and to save the nation from disgrace,” a write-up on the online platform captured.