Necessity, they say is the mother of inventions and a young Ghanaian man, Richard Kwarteng Aning, together with his team has given credence to the saying.

Reiterating the need for safety from Coronavirus, the 32-year-old has manufactured a hand-washing sink powered by solar energy.

The sink, a recycled barrel has a double tap, one for liquid soap and the other for water.

How it works:

Being a sensor, the sink pours out soap upon detection and begins sounding an alarm to get the individual ready for the outflow of water.

The sink has been programmed such that as soon as the alarm goes off, water flows out for 25 seconds, enough to get hands thoroughly cleaned.

The mavericks created the system in a two-way channel, one to pump clean water and the other to drain soapy water, after which it flows out from a tap beneath the sink.

This invention has solved the problem of having to open and close taps, therby re-staining hands with germs.

Explaining the need for the innovation, the team hinted the best way of eradicating the novel virus is hand-washing; a crusade the team wishes to lead.

“This is a system we created to help solve the COVID-19 problem. Imagine we have this on all our streets with the Ghana flag on it, it will attract people to wash their hands,” Richard Kwarteng Aning explained