A middle aged man is suffering from diarrhea after stealing perfume belonging to a juju man.

Attempts by two South Africans to challenge a Ghanaian spiritualist over his powers have landed one of them in serious trouble, requiring immediate intervention to save him from shame.

The South African has been left with the problem of continuous diarrhea (loose stool) after stealing a spiritual perfume from spiritualist, Nana Togbe Kedinakpo, known in private life as Eric Awunyo Kwasi, in Tembisa, South Africa.

The bizarre incident started when Togbe Kedinakpo started performing a magical show at the Tembisa Shopping Plaza on Sunday, February 5, to the admiration of the audience. His performance was under the watch of the police and the owners of the plaza since he was operating under license.

Suddenly, two South African men around the place started challenging him over the authenticity of his powers, in spite of the wonders he was performing.

He took up the challenge and applied powder to the cheeks of one of them and pierced them with pins but to the amazement of the man, he had no pain. After that, he cut off his own tongue and later replaced it to the surprise of the crowd that had gathered around him.

He subsequently warned them against the consequences of their action after which they appeared to have succumbed following the cheek-piercing show.

After the show, he went to his base at Kempton Park and rested till the next day only to be told some visitors were looking for him; he came out to see among the visitors, the second man of the two, who challenged him the previous day at Tembisa.

Togbe Kedinakpo, who has his offices at Atwedie, in the Asante Akim and Fawadie-Mampong in the Ashanti region, said the family started pleading with him to save the man from constant loose stool and confessed that he had stolen one of the perfumes he had used for the magical display.

Though they returned the perfume, the spiritualist is insisting he wouldn’t take it back since he didn’t know what they had done to it.

The man is in deep trouble with the only option of buying a new perfume in India at a whopping cost of $20,000 before Togbe Kedinakpo leaves South Africa.