National Coordinator of the Ghana Boundary Commission, Major General Emmanuel Kotia

The Ghana Boundary Commission has initiated a sensitisation programme ahead of its reaffirmation exercise to replace damaged boundary pillars in the Oti Region.

Major General Emmanuel Kotia, the National Coordinator of the Commission during the sensitisation programme emphasised the importance of community support, involving traditional leaders, political figures, clergy, and other stakeholders.

“It requires the support of the traditional rulers, community leaders, civil societies, youth organisations, opinion leaders, media, members of parliament, local authorities and all organisations living along the boundaries to carry out the message.”

The reaffirmation aims to clearly define Ghana’s boundaries with Togo, prevent disputes between the two countries, and improve the existing boundary lines.

“…the only thing is the reaffirming of the existing boundary lines so that we can improve upon it. That is the exercise we are undertaking,” he said.

Major Kotia encouraged collaboration with district border committees, seeking assistance in identifying tampered or removed pillars related to the boundary markers.

“We will also be happy to gain historical information so far as the boundary pillars are concerned. To help us so far as our archives are concerned,” he added.

The technical team is set to commence work three weeks after the sensitisation programme.