The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) is conducting an operation in the Upper West to combat possible terrorism in the region.

Dubbed ‘Eagle Claws’, the 4-day training is hosted by all the branches of GAF as well as the Bureau of national Investigations (BNI) to ensure readiness also in times when counter-terrorism may become necessary.

Director of Army Operations of GAF, Col Nii Nortey said the training was the cornerstone of readiness, explaining it is the surest way of keeping territorial integrity in the country intact.

As part of measures, troops have been deployed to border towns close to Ghana-Togo Borders and Burkina Faso borders in the Upper East and Upper West Regions, respectively. We will also embark on enforcement of camp drills and delivery vehicle checkpoints to ensure no travel illegalities.


Also, Directer of Air Operations, Commander David Nkansah, throwing more light on the operation explained it was intended to test skills of troops in air-mobile operations, as well as airlift troops who may be injured in battle.

The Directors have, therefore called on the public to report any abnormalities they identify in their communities which may post threat to the peace and security of the country.

The operation will also aim at training personnel of Operation Conquered Fist, which was launched in the Northern Gulf of the country for similar purposes.