Funny Face

Actor and comedian, Funny Face, has finally come clean by not blaming colleague Lil Win for his stage 4 depression.

Funny Face said insults from an ‘area girl’ hurt him to the core, and the more he reflected on it, the more he plunged into a higher stage of depression.

To him, all the insults he received from Lil Win and critics never got to him like when a neighbour called him useless.

“After my two minutes in bed saga, I finally had twins and that matter was quashed, but along the line people insulted me. I was insulted until one girl with body odour whom the whole Kasoa had neglected called me useless. I swear she was the one who took me to the depression road,” he said on Hitz FM.


He said for such a woman to call him useless, it meant he was really not worthy of being human, talkless a celebrity.

Funny Face made this revelation when he was asked why he ate and threw tantrums in public not long ago.