Funny Face speaks first time after arrest

Comedian Funny Face has spoken for the first time after being granted bail by the Kasoa-Akweley District Court.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, the ‘Cow n Chicken’ actor expressed remorse and took full responsibility for the recent events surrounding his arrest and the accident he was involved in.

He acknowledged that he had caused problems for himself and emphasized that he wouldn’t blame anyone else for the situation, in an interview with Kofi TV.

Funny Face, however, denied allegations of being drunk at the time of the accident and thanked Ghanaians for their support during this challenging time.

Reflecting on his actions, the comedian admitted that he had wasted time and caused trouble, but he expressed gratitude for the advice he had received and the opportunity for a fresh start.

The actor said he had recognized the importance of God’s guidance in his life and also vowed to take life more seriously moving forward.

Addressing his past behaviour and the misunderstandings surrounding him, Funny Face pleaded for forgiveness from Ghanaians and asked for a second chance.

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Also, he emphasized that he was human and prone to mistakes, but he hoped to regain the love and support he once had from children and fans alike.

Talking more on the night of the accident, he explained that he was heading to a memorial service to surprise his mother at church when it occurred.

Meanwhile, He expressed remorse for the victims and their families, highlighting his intention to cover their hospital bills and support them through their recovery.

Nonetheless, at the climax of the interview, Funny Face appealed to corporate companies not to abandon him and asked for their collaboration. He also promised his fans that he was ready to turn over a new leaf.