A former Deputy National Youth Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Salam Mustapha, has called on the party youth to embrace entrepreneurship.

Mr Mustapha has stressed the need to channel attention towards the private sector and encouraged the youth to engage in joint ventures in other to be job creators instead of job seekers.

According to him, the youth remains the biggest resource in the political equation with the balance of scale to determine where the pendulum swings.

Mr Mustapha made the call with regards to unemployment issues in Ghana despite the graduation of many students from universities yearly.

“There’s only one thing affecting the youth of our party and the country at large and that’s unemployment. Everywhere you turn the cry is the same; jobs, jobs jobs. The scramble for the few opportunities that come in the civil/public sector is one that demoralises,” he bemoaned in a statement.

He added: “I’m convinced beyond every reasonable doubt that we have to look outside the box. Young people bagging up certificates and sitting home is not the way to go. Young people also expecting to be employed by the government is not the way to go either. Truthfully, the government cannot absorb the numbers.”

However, he expressed optimism policies such as the Presidential Business Pitch, if maintained, will go a long way to help curb the menace.


He said: “I thought the idea of the Presidential Pitch under the Business Development Ministry was brilliant to entice and encourage enterprise in Young People. Private sector development is the way to go.

“Let’s get more Young people into Joint Ventures and other businesses. Can we as a party look for some seed capital to serve as business development funds for especially; party elected officers to tap into to finance their business; other known party activists too who may need such support?”