Former Northern Regional Minister under the erstwhile Mahama administration, Abubakari  Abdallah has opened up about the ridicule he faced from his community after leaving office and opting to continue using an old car model.

Mr Abdallah recounted how he was mocked and labeled as “useless” by some members of his community for not indulging in corrupt practices to afford a lavish lifestyle after serving in government for less than nine months.

Prior to being elected Minister, he revealed he worked as a programs director at IBIS, which helped him afford the 2005 model Highlander, a car he used throughout his ministerial appointment.

After the 2016 elections, when he left power, he said he made the decision to maintain the old car, rather than buying a new one.

However, some individuals in his Walewale community saw his decision as a sign of failure or ineptitude.

“I drove my old car a number of times to Walelwale and people started laughing at me. They wanted to point to how useless I have been, but to me, my uselessness was not based on my failure to deliver my mandate as a Minister but how can I am not driving lavish cars like Porsche, V8, with a potbelly that is shining out of corruption,” he said.

Mr Abdallah affirmed that his perspective on success diverged from material wealth and extravagance, rather the impact he made during his term of office.

In a society where people are particularly interested in lifestyle audit, the former Minister said he will rather go for life changing socialization and education.

He advocated for a total reorientation to instill values of integrity and honesty in future generations, ensuring they understand that wealth can be attained through legitimate means.