Fella Makafui (L) and Medikal

The ongoing saga between Ghanaian rapper Medikal and his wife, Fella Makafui has taken a new turn, with Medikal accusing Fella’s cousin, Bless, of provocation and verbal abuse.

In a recent social media update on X, Medikal revealed that Bless had insulted him, calling him a ‘foolish man’ and attempting to provoke him by challenging his masculinity.

“Her cousin, Bless, had the nerves to call me names like ‘foolish man’ provoking me by saying further things like ‘If you are a man do something,’” Medikal disclosed, shedding light on the heated exchange between him and Fella Makafui’s family member.

Despite the verbal assault, Medikal maintained his composure, asserting that he has never resorted to violence against women.

According to Medikal, Bless’ action is part of a grand scheme to incriminate him and potentially have him ejected from his own home by the Police.

However, Medikal remains steadfast in his resolve to protect his property, emphasizing that he built the house for the well-being of his daughter, not to accommodate Fella Makafui’s relatives.