Medikal and Fella Makafui

Ghanaian rapper, Medikal has taken to social media to reveal a troubling incident with the Police at his residence, allegedly orchestrated by his partner, Fella Makafui.

In a post accompanied by a video on X, Medikal narrated how his “baby mama” called the Police on him after he asked her cousin to vacate their shared home.

In the video, two unidentified men, one claiming to be a Police officer, can be seen interacting with Medikal.

Medikal was shocked the see them and asked for their identification.

However, before they can produce any credentials, Fella was standing behind them, seemingly silent and observing the situation.

Police officer approaches Medikal in his home as Fella follows the law enforcement figure quietly

The rapper then hands the camera to an unknown individual to record the  encounter as evidence.

Despite the tension, Medikal maintained his composure.

In his social media post, Medikal said he has never abused Fella Makafui noting that, his only focus is to co-parent peacefully for the sake of their child’s future.

“My baby mama called the cops on me yesterday for asking her cousin to move out of my house after staying with us for over 2 years.This wouldn’t have been out but since her cousin named Bless was recording, I will like it to be known by the public. People may call it childish and dramatic but I prefer to be named as such before anything happens to me in the future. Mind you, I’ve neither been abusive nor violent ever since we lived together. all I want is to co-parent in peace and give my child a bright future.😊”

This revelation has sparked widespread discussion and speculation among fans, with many expressing support for Medikal and urging Fella Makafui to address the situation.

This latest revelation has given a different twist to what many said was a publicity stunt when the couple said they had separated.

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