Founder and Apostle General of Royal House Chapel International, Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah, has called on all fathers who have not been up to their responsibilities to make right by their children.

Describing such dads as ‘run-away’ fathers, the Apostle General urged them to seize the moment offered by this year’s Fathers’ Day commemoration, to reconcile with them.

The call, which he made on JoyNewsAM Show Friday, forms part of his Fathers’ Day wishes to all dads across the country ahead of the ‘D-day’, Sunday, June 20.

“Happy Fathers’ Day to all fathers who have been there for their children. And all run-away fathers, this is the time for reconciliation, this is the time to go back to your children and say I made a mess, would you find a place in your heart to forgive me, and shall we come together and start a relationship again?”

Fathers’ Day, unlike that of Mothers, has over the years received less attention from all over the world, for what is commonly referred to by some people as their inability to be responsible enough for their children.

However, following some positive indications by some people, the trend seems to be changing for the better

Rev Ankrah said it is not enough, as a father, to “just produce children and scatter them around the place but being a true father is taking responsibility over what you produce.”

He, therefore, advised that fathers create an atmosphere of love which entails providing, caring, and sacrificing for their children, “that is what I call love. Give them attitude to life, give them values.”

As indicated in the Bible, the man of God recommended that fathers train their children the way to go, and stressed that the male children be trained on how to treat women well, to guide them in their marriages.

“I will suggest as a preacher that you teach your children how to be grateful, and especially if they are boys, how to respect women so that in future they know how to treat their wives and their children well,” he said.

The man of God also noted that fathers must create an emotionally conducive environment and ensure the absence of insecurity at home.

“The insecurity that is created at home, as a result of in-fighting, emotional abuses of mothers by fathers and to children, also needs to be checked and worked upon,” he advised.

Rev. Ankrah also encouraged fathers to provide education for their children and also create for them an opportunity to utilise their talents.

“Education is the least that a father can provide for his children and education is a starter to life. And finally, let every father create the opportunity for his children; an opportunity to serve, the opportunity to be independent, opportunity to learn and opportunity to do something with their talents.”

He concluded his message with a prayer for God’s grace and wisdom to enable fathers to become more responsible to their children and all that is committed to them.