Sumaila Labdan, the father of a young boy who was hit to death by a concrete block at a construction site at Dzorwulu, is calling for justice.

According to him, two years after his 11-year-old son’s death, the body is still being kept at the morgue.

Narrating his ordeal on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem Friday, Mr Labdan said his son was returning home from school with his sister and friends when the unfortunate incident happened.

He explained the construction site is located at a junction that leads to their house and the kids usually play there.

According to him, he was home when the deceased’s sister, who witnessed the incident, rushed home amid tears to inform him.

“I was home when my daughter, who witnessed everything, rushed home to inform me that her brother has been hit by a stone at the construction site. I reached the junction and I saw my son, Fuseini lying down with blood oozing from his head. All I heard my son saying was ‘my head, my head.’ I rushed him to the hospital and later went to the police station to report.

“I came back to the hospital, we slept there till the following day which was on Saturday only for them to tell us my son is dead and has been kept in the morgue,” he cried.

After the death of his son, Mr Labdan said the police assured him of justice after they commenced investigations into the matter.


They were directed to go to the police headquarters where some officers even visited the construction site to ascertain the situation.

The surprising thing to him is that the construction company is still operational without anything from them.

He said his son’s school bag and uniform and the block were all at the headquarters which to him showed that there would be justice but his hope of getting justice has been dashed.

Mr Labdan said a lawyer, who volunteered to help him though started with investigations after having given him all the information, stopped at a point.

Two years after the incident, Mr Labdan, who is a security officer at an apartment and lives in a single room with his four kids and wife, believes he is not getting the justice he wants because he has nothing.

The body of his son, Fuseini, he said, is still at the 37 Military Hospital morgue and has still not been buried.

“The last time I visited the morgue to see my son was six months ago but I was prevented from seeing him, a situation which forced me to stop visiting the hospital, and therefore I have no idea about the state now,” he stated.

Mr Labdan’s daughter, now 11 years old, who witnessed the incident and was present in the studio, revealed she actually saw the worker who hit his brother with the concrete and can identify him anytime she sees him.

Recounting the incident, she said they were all on their way home from school when she saw four men on top of the building.

According to her, she saw one of the men holding a huge concrete about to throw it and before she could shout and alert her brother who was standing there, the man threw the stone which landed on her brother’s head.

The family is appealing to the security agencies to, as a matter of urgency, intervene and ensure that justice is done.