Fantana | credit: @theaccrapaparazzi
Fantana | credit: @theaccrapaparazzi

Singer and businesswoman, Francine Koffie, popularly known as Fantana, has finally disclosed how she got her recent curvaceous body.

Speaking in an interview with Zionfelix, Fantana said even though people loved her body when she stepped into the showbiz industry, “I had to go and get some things fixed.”

According to her, there is nothing wrong when people patronise plastic surgeries, hence she is proud of her recent “butt and hip” uplift.

Additionally, she said she is not the type that will be fake to people, claiming her current “butt and hip” is not all natural.

“I just fixed it. It was already nice, but I just made it better. There is nothing wrong with it. Some people do it and say they haven’t done anything, which is misleading people. A lot of people follow me, and I wouldn’t lie about it. If you don’t like something about you, go and fix it,” she said.

Talking further, she said, “It was almost perfect, but sometimes you want to be extra… as a musician, people look at me and I will rather fix it. Now my shape is okay for me and I enhanced it to look more curvy. I feel like in America people are okay with it, but in Ghana, they feel shy about it,” Fantana added.

She, however, confirmed that more men are getting attracted to her, unlike, when she first started doing music in Ghana.

Even before I did my [surgery] I did it to feel more confident and not to hide my stomach. A lot of women fix themselves for themselves.  I feel like mine is fine… It’s attracting more men. I’ve always attracted people, but it’s attracting 10 times more.”

When she was asked if she is dating, Fantana said: “I am not married, but I am dating. Because I am not married, men will still come.”