The mortuary block of the Ridge Hospital was a scene to behold when grief-stricken family vent their spleen on the mortuary attendants over their missing corpse.

According to Joy News’ Martha Acquah, the family came to the hospital Friday morning for the corpse of their late relative for burial but the attendants could not identify the body.

She noted that, tempers went up when the body of their 52-year-old was still not found after waiting for several hours.

A relative who spoke to our reporter said the family was waiting to receive the corpse for burial ahead of the ban on drumming and noise making for the Homowo festival.

The situation, Martha stated generated controversy causing the hospital authorities to call the police.

“the mortuary attendant together with the family were sent to the police station where it was discovered their corpse had been given to another family whose late relative was a 72-year” she noted.

The mortuary attendants were able to identify the family but the body had been buried so the conclusion was that, they would have to go for a Court order to exhume the body.

Martha Acquah added that the other family who leave at Atiko, a suburb in Accra considered the body they were given did not look like their relative but thought he might have changed due to the ailment.

The two family families have therefore agreed to exchange the bodies for an amicable solution.