Mohammed Gargo
Mohammed Gargo

Newly appointed head coach of Nsoatreman FC, Mohammed Gargo, has told footballers to have a lot of sex since it is helpful.

According to the former Ghana international, if players stay away from sex for a long time, it will make them inflexible.

“It takes every normal professional club six weeks to camp players and maybe when you return home for break the league might start again the next two weeks,”  the former Udinese Calcio midfielder told

“How can you stay away from sex for six weeks while in camp plus that two weeks at home? It will be like you will not have sex for a year and that one too is not good. Staying away from it for a long time I don’t think you are a human being because it won’t make you flexible. Whatever the team does will not go through.”

He did, however, warn players to stick to one partner rather than constantly changing their girlfriends.


“It isn’t normal for a footballer to abstain from sex for a long period. I remember when Stephen Appiah was coming to Udinese, the first thing I told him wss that he should marry his then-girlfriend after a year so that we can send the lady an invitation to Italy immediately. That’s what we did.

“Saying you are not married, as a professional footballer it can’t be possible because that’s the only thing that can also damage your career. The reason is that changing the ladies is not good but having one partner is okay.

“When God created man, if there’s a continuous affair with your wife or a girlfriend you will not feel to do it again the next day because you have to give yourself some time but if you don’t have one partner you will always push yourself to have any affair with different girls. The more you do it, the more you weak the body because the sperms we always release for the ladies come out from our joints.

“You will weak yourself when you change the girls but when you have your partner you cannot do it continuously for a week. You have to give yourself space small.

“It helps the body than not doing it all. Also, you will not function well if you stay away from it for a long time,” he concluded.