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An ex-convict, Maxwell Konadu, has said that he is grateful for being imprisoned as it has helped him to discover his talent.

According to him, though he was unjustifiably imprisoned, his training in prison has allowed him to discover and develop his singing skills.

This, he said, will help him refrain from criminal acts and create an avenue for him to earn a living.

The ex-convict turned singer said that he has also surrendered his life to God and has turned a new leaf.

“God has been good to me because my stay in prison has been very helpful. I do not regret going to prison. Before there, I never knew I was a good singer,” he said.

Konadu, who said he never lacked anything while in prison, thanked Crime Check Foundation (CCF) for supporting him.

“Through CCF donors came to my aid while I was serving my sentence. Though other inmates starved, I never struggled because of the gifts I received. God bless CCF and the donors,” he expressed his gratitude.

Narrating his journey to prison, Konadu said his age as a juvenile offender was altered to make him an adult by a police investigator who handled his case.

He said this was after he was arrested and arraigned before court for sexually assaulting a minor.


“I called my friends to join me when my uncle had travelled and invited some girls behind our house to sleep with them. When I appeared before court, the judge said sexual assault is a serious offense and so he did not have a choice but to imprison me. I was sentenced to four years,” he said.

After serving his sentence, he says he wants to start a new life as a gospel singer.

“I want to attend a music school to further develop my singing skill. Indulging in crime only brings trouble so I want to urge persons engaging in the act to desist from it,” he advised.

CCF gave him an amount of Five Hundred Ghana cedis for his transportation.