Ace disc jockey, DJ Black has lauded Sarkodie for his rap prowess, describing him as the Messiah of rap in Ghana’s music industry.

According to him, Sarkodie’s flow and dexterity among other elements that add up to spice his songs project him thousand times above his colleague rappers.

When Andy Dosty posed the ‘Best Rapper in Ghana’ question to him, DJ Black took no time to mention “Sarkodie”.

L-R: DJ Black and rapper Sarkodie
L-R: DJ Black and rapper Sarkodie

Additionally, the celebrated DJ educated the panelists as to why he would put Sarkodie before others.


Ever since Hip-life started we’ve been waiting for a rapper like Sarkodie… I have been a DJ for a long time and you know ‘djing’ is an important element in hip-hop.

My experience is that if you are not able to hold my attention for more than 30 seconds I don’t see you as a serious rapper.

Whatever it is, if you cannot hold your audiences’ attention, then what is the point?

There is a difference to when you write lyrics and there is a difference when you write on a song and doing freestyles and battles if you could do all then you are top of the tops.

DJ Black

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