Burna Boy | Photo: @Burnaboygram/ Instagram
Burna Boy | Photo: @Burnaboygram/ Instagram

Ethiopian show promoter, Konjo Leyla, has waded into the controversy surrounding who is the king of African music. The contest is between Davido and Burna Boy.

The two musicians have been on each other’s neck, flaunting their assets to prove they have attained higher levels in the industry, both home and abroad.

However, in a recent Instagram live video, she slammed Burna Boy and crowned Davido the real ‘African Giant’ based on his international recognition.

“Now here is the thing, at the moment, most people feel like Burna Boy is the biggest artiste in Africa, I don’t feel like that, he is not. The reason why he is not is he still has more work to do in the countries in Africa. This is a true story, when it comes to Africa, David is the king, believe or not, period!” she said.

Furthermore, she explained that with international shows and bookings, Davido has higher demand and a 95% lead over Burna Boy.


She admitted Wizkid and Burna Boy are great artistes in Nigeria but do not qualify to compete against Davido in any other East African country.