Adom Entertainment Hall got heated last Saturday when panel members on the show nearly traded blows over dancehall artiste, Ebony.
Heated argument begun when one of the panelist accused music producer Alhaji Banda also known as Bandex of being a bad parent for endorsing Ebony’s promiscuous lifestyle.
Okukuseku, Programmes Director for Nhyira FM in Kumasi on the show hosted by Mike 2 said he did not like the female artiste because she exposes her body instead of exhibiting her talent.
He also chided Ebony’s father for defending her daughter’s lifestyle instead of whipping her into line.
Okukuseku said even though he likes Ebony’s songs, he does not like her persona.
But in a quick rebuttal, Bandex said the comments by Okukuseku smacks of hypocrisy and double standards.
He said there is nothing wrong with a young lady with talents showing parts of her body to entertain her fans.
This angered Okukuseku and he described Bandex as a bad parent for supporting immoral behavior.
“Bandex, you are a bad parent, how can you support this bad behaviour of Ebony, someone who always exposes her body, can you allow your daughter to do this”, he quizzed.
“As a father and a parent, I was expecting him to advise the daughter than coming out to defend the girl’s behaviour, the father should have found a way to caution the daughter”, he advised.
“If care is not taken, the unborn generation will come to copy this attitude which will go a long way to affect them just because of showbiz”, he warned.
However, Bandex in reply said there is nothing wrong with Ebony’s dressing since in his opinion, it is part of showbiz.


  1. I do not see anything wrong with Ebony’S dressing in the work she does. To say the young ones will copy, I do not agree. It’s like allowing your child to smoke wee. If you as a parent will allow your child to dress like that, then you need to check your child and home first before talking about Ebony.

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