Eno Barony nearly got sexually abused by a male rapper

Eno Barony narrates how a male rapper attempted to 'take advantage' of her. Watch:

Posted by Hitz 103.9 FM on Friday, September 4, 2020

As the world has hieghtened the conversation on sexual assault and its related activities, more women, typically celebrities are opening up on their ordeal.

Self-acclaimed best rapper in Ghana, Eno Barony, has revealed her ‘swaggerlicious and tomboy’ nature did not excuse her from being a victim of near-rape.

Narrating her ordeal on Hitz FM, Friday, the ‘Fear no man’ hitmaker said the attempted rapist is an artiste who is ‘out there’, hence she refused to mention a name.

Her desire to collaborate with the popular artiste made her agree to come for a late night studio session, after he insisted an afternoon session is almost impossible considering his status and busy schedule.

Eno said she accepted the invitation, and in the first couple of minutes in the studio, she received warm reception.

“We discussed the studio so he picked me at the junction because then I had no car and we went there. He gave me food, then we were cool so I ate,” Eno recounted.

After her meal, Eno said she was offered gum, which she declined because it was too late, but the artiste insisted she chews before their session.

When her refusal became persistant, Eno added, the artiste became charged and pounced on her with the intention of forcing the gum in between her teeth.

The artiste’s attitude, she learnt was because he had laced the gum with a sexual stimulant after he himself had already used an aphrodisiac.

Sensing danger, she fought back with her last strength to ensure her sexual life was intact, thereby overpowering him in the end.