EC boss, Jean Mensa

The Electoral Commission has refuted claims that it disposed of 10 Biometric Verification Devices (BVDs) for recycling at a loss to the state.

In a statement released on Friday, April 26, the Commission clarified that the 10 BVDs found at a recycling company in Madina, Accra, were obsolete devices that had been legally auctioned.

According to the statement, these obsolete BVDs were acquired before the 2012 elections and were used by the current Commission for the 2019 District Level Elections (DLE).

The Commission explained that the previous administration had planned to repair the obsolete devices for the 2018 referendum and the 2019 District Level Elections, despite advice from the managers of the Commission’s Biometric Infrastructure that the equipment was obsolete and no longer useful.

However, the current Commission opted to cancel the refurbishment plan and procure new equipment instead, in a move to ensure prudent use of resources and the integrity of the electoral process. This decision, the Commission emphasized, saved the state millions of cedis.

Rejecting any allegations of wrongdoing, the Commission asserted that the devices were auctioned transparently, with the proceeds duly deposited in the Consolidated Fund.

The Commission also condemned civil society group IMANI Africa for allegations and commentary made by one of its officials, Bright Simons, regarding this matter. It accused IMANI Africa and Mr. Bright Simons of misinforming the public.