File Photo: DKB & Efia Odo
File Photo: DKB & Efia Odo

Actress Efia Odo and comedian DKB have been jabbing each other on social media after the former called him out over a telephone number.

According to her, DKB is mad at her because she failed to give out the phone number of Ghanaian-American actor cum comedian Michael Blackson.

DKB is really upset with me cuz he asked me for Michael Blackson’s number and I said no. Small ahonsh I no make you do so every day you wan attack [SIC].

His gf go say, it Dey pain themmmm. N*ggas act more like b*tches these days [SIC], she posted.

Meanwhile, not long ago, Efia Odo indicated that being famous in Ghana did not come with money, hence many celebs were broke.


In a post, she said world-known eatery McDonald’s was able to make more many than many female celebs. She even added that the country needed a reset button for new leaders to take over.

But DKB disagreed entirely with her and took her on in a long note.

He wrote: When you are continuously removing pants and showing nipples like a pono audition, which company will take you serious?

Don’t say us when it’s just you, shut up and suffer your misery instead of disrespecting the creative arts field, some of us have made a living out of it and created jobs for others through it.

How dare you jeopardise the hard works of Yvonne Nelson, Okoro, McBrown etc because of your nonsense lifestyle. Wear a kaba & slit for once and see the number of brand endorsements that will chase you. Everyday pioto bonanza… MUTUMBANZA!

However, the actress, in a riposte, shared an old video of DKB physically assaulting a fellow Big Brother Africa (BBA) housemate, Zainab, from Sierra Leone to spite him.

She added that caption: A b*tch a** nigga who hits women! You are an example of who brands shouldn’t work with. It’s only in Ghana f**ls like this roam around freely after physically assaulting a woman on national TV. Big a** head with a shrimp-sized Brain

Meanwhile, DKB, who felt unperturbed by the rant, summarised his reply in a song on Instagram.

Watch his video below: