Over the past few years, Dubai has been noted for its flashy lifestyle where millions of people visit for holiday and business purposes.

A video of an international vlogger who goes by the name Supercar Blondie captures a scrapyard of the country noted for its rich oil reserve – where multiple Lamborghinis, Porches, G-wagons, Bentleys and Ferraris are left to rot in dust.

Meanwhile, in an interview with newspaper Gulf News, it was revealed that about 2,000 to 3,000 cars are abandoned each and every year in Dubai.


Most of these supercars are simply rejected and left by their owners to gather dust in the searing desert heat.

Confiscated cars are kept in the yard for six months. If the owner claims the car in this time, he or she has to pay a fine of Dh1,381, including municipal fines, storage charges and towing fee, a senior official had earlier told Gulf News.

If it is not claimed within six months, the car will be auctioned, the official noted.