It was a sight to behold when Dancehall King Shatta Wale finally met his long lost ‘twin brother’, Jim Iyke.

Shatta Wale surprised Jim Iyke with his presence at the Accra Mall to support his Nigerian counterpart during the premiere of his latest movie Bad Comment.

As though Jim was hoping to see Shatta, he was standing with his arms wide open when he saw Shatta hopping towards him.

The duo had a hearty conversation full of laughter before posing for the cameras.

Shatta Wale Finally Meets His Twin Brother Jim Iyke To Launch His Movie At  The Silver Bird Cinema - YouTube

Jim Iyke reaffirmed that Shatta Wale is his brother amid praises and hype.

Recall Shatta Wale had once described Jim as his twin brother after he discovered he bears resemblance with the on-screen sweetheart.

He posted a gridded photo on his social media platforms for his fans to judge if he is merely assuming or there is indeed some form of connection.

Jim, however, begged to differ, but was quick to add that they have similarities in their craft; they both understand showbiz.


“I think Shatta just wakes up in the morning and decides what am I going to do to provoke people’s thoughts? He will go like Jim Iyke looks like me. He is going to wake up tomorrow and say; I want to be President of Ghana.

“He will not be president and we all know that, but Shatta will go there and run to be President and just get you guys to talk about him. He understands the propensity of the business,” he said.

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