A newly-wed couple added unusual spice to their wedding reception when they introduced a real-life Squid Game as part of the entertainment package.

The couple, whose identity is not immediately known, as well as other guests participated in the game which is currently being ranked the most-watched Netflix series.

Scenes from the reception saw the bride and groom, still in their marriage wear take their stands on the playground, while their guest followed suit.

The game masters, clad in replica outfit of the original characters were in the frontline leading the game.

The MC was dressed like the robotic girl character in the movie, as well as some persons representing the game players, donning their green tracksuits with numbers, just like the series characters.

The masked guards in red jumpsuits were also not left out and the games overseer, the Front Man who wear all black uniform was also captured in action.

All players at the wedding reception were participating accordingly, and it seemed as though the bride was the first player to be eliminated.

The front liners were seen making efforts to distract the players to make a wrong move to warrant their axing.

It was a moment of joy inside the auditorium as camera men did not want to miss shots at the never-seen concept.

Watch videos below: