The month of January each year is dedicated to raising awareness on Cervical Cancer in women.

A Public Health Practitioner, Dr Oum-Kalsoum Zakari Adam, says having multiple sex partners is a risk factor for contracting cervical cancer.

Speaking on the GTV Breakfast Show, Dr Adam noted that cervical cancer is the result of an increase and changes in the cells of the mouth of the womb and there are multiple causes including engaging multiple sex partners, excessive drinking, and smoking.

Furthermore, other health conditions can also cause cervical cancer.

According to Dr Adam, “when cervical cancer signs are visible, it means the condition has gone beyond the early stage.”

Signs such as abnormal bleeding after sex, higher menstrual flow than usual, can all be signs of cervical cancer.

She disclosed that Cervical Cancer is habitual, which means it is preventable, therefore, there is the need for frequent check-ups for early detection and treatment.

The Public Health Practitioner urged women to get informed by seeking information on cervical cancer, practice safe sex by using condoms, and avoid multiple sex partners.