Ghanaian comedian, Derrick Kwabena Bonny, well known as DKB, has expressed is saddened by Ghanaian actress, Nikki Samonas for saying she dislikes men with hairy chest, especially guys who are crushing on her.

The Ghanaian actress in a recent post said she was not interested in men who have a hairy chest.

She made this known after she retweeted a post which claimed: “Having a hairy chest has been linked to higher intelligence in men.”

Nikki Samonas on Twitter: "Ok I need to know who I need. Shatta ...

Nikki, who did not agree nor disagree with the post, pointed out her feelings for such men.

She wrote: “I don’t like hairy chested men!!!”


But Nikki Samonas’ announcement did not go down well for DKB who has been crushing on the actress for so many years.

DKB has been professing his love for the actress and even clashed with Shatta Wale on her.

To announce his disappointment, the comedian twitted, saying “No wonder u playing hide and seek with me, smh,” he said with an emoji of a man face-palming.

Find his post below: