Pantang Hospital
Pantang Hospital

Management of Pantang Psychiatric Hospital has reacted to the disruption of their meeting by suspected land guards on Monday, July 5.

On Monday, when the Deputy Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, Bright Wereko-Brobbey, was leading government’s negotiation team, the suspected land guards stormed the venue, bringing the meeting to an abrupt end.

The meeting was to talk the striking nurses back to work, many of who fled in fear for their lives.

But Medical Director at the Hospital, Dr Frank Baning, reacting to the chaos on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem, Tuesday said if there is any issue regarding the lands, the best outfit to go to is the Lands Commission and not storm the meeting and cause chaos.

He said the suspected land guards stormed the venue of the meeting and started taking pictures of management in the meeting to harm them later.

“It was during the meeting we heard that some land guards have visited the place and started taking pictures of our people to attack them. These men were heavily built and came with pickups just to disrupt the meeting. Our lives are at stake because we cannot have these people come to cause chaos in our meeting,” he said.


He said the suspected land guards, who claim the hospital land is theirs, were arrested after management reported them at the Adentan police station.

“When the police officers brought them to the police station, they saw pictures of our people on their phones, what were they going to do with those pictures? We are all working for Ghana and we cannot allow these people to kill us,” he noted.

Justifying why some staff pounced on the suspected land guards, Dr Baning said the staff felt threatened and had no choice than to subject them to beatings before they were whisked by the police.

Meanwhile, some family members, who claim are owners of the land, said they have a plan that shows that indeed they are owners of parts of the land.

“Our family is large. And some lands around the hospital are ours and so it important that government really takes a look at the plan and tells us who the real owners are. We are not encroaching any lands, we only need a proper discussion on the matter,” they said when they stormed the studios of Adom FM.

According to them, they only want the government to build a fence around its hospital and allow them to have access to their lands.