Diana Hamilton
Diana Hamilton

Gospel musician, Diana Hamilton, has, for the first time, revealed the bitter experience that led her to pay attention to her choice of clothing.

Speaking to host Andy Dosty and his panelists on Hitz FM’s ‘Daybreak Hitz’, the gospel musician recounted how she was excited to be billed to perform at a convention in Kumasi.

She said after getting to the peak of her anointing-filled performance, she realised the multitude were just looking on rather than being in the spirit and enjoying her ministry.

As confused as she said she was, she quickly wrapped up, asking herself “what went wrong today; are they not hearing what I am hearing?”

It was then a worshipper approached, praised her for her talent and confessed her dress took the attention off her ministry.


Apparently, her thighs were revealed as she moved about on stage and for a Christian and married woman, the worshippers were disappointed.

“I then realised I was wearing a long dress called Shaba. It was a dress where most people slit the skirt from the tip to somewhere above their thigh, but mine was to my knee.  So I realised that if the message will have to go I have to be careful that I present myself well so the message will be received,” she recounted.

She shared her experience in support of panelist Mr Logic, who opined the way gospel artistes present themselves may interfere with the propagation of the gospel.