Winner of the third edition of ‘Di Asa’ reality show, Precious Mensah, popularly known as PM, has reacted to controversies concerning her Dubai trip.

Her happy moment came to an abrupt end when she was asked to step aside at the airport check-in point, over reasons unknown to her.

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According to PM, the impact of her decline did not dawn on her at first until she realised the situation was getting out of hand.

“At first I didn’t feel bad because I had faith everything will be okay, maybe they had their own issues,” she said in an interview with

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Additionally, the first time traveler described the situation as “a little inconvenience that my management is working on.”

“My people are working things out and very soon everything will be cleared and I will join my friends in Dubai very soon,” she said hopefully.

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Precious Mensah further disclosed: “I had really planned for the fun trip because prior to that I dreamt I was happily interacting with people in the plane.”