Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem, as part of its road campaign, on Wednesday visited Tema in the Greater Accra region and Elubo and its environs in the Jomoro District of the Western region to inspect the nature of roads in the area.

The campaign dubbed ‘My road my vote’ exposed the deteriorated roads at Elubo, Kramakrom, Omanpe, Boinso, Jema and Asemkro, as residents narrate their horrifying experiences on the road.

“A sick woman in a critical condition had to be transferred from Jema to Elubo but on a motorbike, while she still had a drip being administered and unfortunately died on the way,” a resident narrated.  

Speaking in an interview on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem’s Anti-Corruption segment, Fabewoso, New Patriotic Party parliamentary aspirant for the Aowin constituency, Edward Osei said the situation was terrible and worrying.


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“The residents have been trying so hard to fix the roads ourselves but because we don’t have enough resources, we couldn’t do our best. As a hub for cocoa and other foodstuffs, our products rot because we have been cut off from neighbouring communities,” Mr Osei noted.

 Joel Kwesi Blay, Assemblyman for the Jema area, who also shared similar sentiments, narrated how residents had to carry a pregnant woman in labour on their shoulders to the hospital due to the deplorable roads.

“We are suffering in this area and don’t even know if it’s our destiny or fate. The roads have created fish ponds and our children now have to trek to school because their buses can no longer ply the road,” he said.

Bernard Oduro Nyarko’s visit to Tema also witnessed deplorable roads with HFC estate and Devtraco estates now serving as alternative roads.

Meanwhile, residents in Tema and its environs have expressed commitment to support government in fixing the roads.