Ningo-Prampram District Chief Executive (DCE) Paa Nii Doku
Ningo-Prampram District Chief Executive (DCE), Paa Nii Doku

The District Chief Executive (DCE) of Ningo-Prampram, Jonathan Nii Teye Doku, has expressed his satisfaction with the achievements under his tenure.

Nii Doku believes there has been a tremendous change in the area, looking back at the state of affairs when he assumed office.

Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen, Mr Doku, among other things, said the area lacked some basic amenities including markets.

However, he noted he has managed to get work to commence for the construction of markets, adding that some have been completed with others at various stages.

“There were no markets so you will find people selling in front of their homes but there was an existing facility at Prampram which we have renovated and working to get the traders there and another at old Ningo.


 “We are also looking forward to constructing market sheds in Miotso, especially to help students at Central University who have to walk all the way to Tema or Asahiman to get foodstuffs and Tsopoli among others and I believe If we are able to get these done, the area will be one to watch,” he said.

Nii Doku also recounted how the absence of data for the District and a lawyer affected certain operations in the past.

“There was no lawyer for the district so we could not take people to court for defaulting rent payments and other obligations but in recent times, we have been able to put people before the court to get them to pay debts and associated penalties,” he added.