The first day of the seven-day voter register exhibition in the Korle Klottey Constituency experienced a low turnout.

The Electoral Commission (EC) has stated that the exercise, which is being held across the country, will conclude on Tuesday, November 7, 2023.

The exercise aims to identify and correct errors in the new voter register system. During the exhibition, people can request actions such as the inclusion of omitted names and the removal of deceased voters from the register.

Speaking to Citi News after visiting some centres in the Korle Klottey constituency, Kwame Hagan, the Exhibition Officer at the YMCA centre, emphasized the importance of eligible voters taking the exercise seriously, as incorrect details on the day of voting could disqualify them.

“There are no consequences but it is advisable to come and check just in case. On the D-day, the election day, if you have challenges with your ID card, maybe your name, age, sex, or something, you won’t be allowed to vote.

That will be the consequence so it is better you come now because we have a seven-day exhibition. It is better you find a time, and then you come and check. If there are any mistakes, you let us know,” he stated.

Similarly, the EC’s exhibition of the electoral roll is receiving a very low turnout at various centers in the Northern Region.

As of 11: am, some polling stations had only six people visiting the centres to check and confirm their names.

An anonymous EC official attributed the low turnout to the lack of publicity regarding the verification process.

Additionally, the EC has not yet released the updated electoral roll for use in the 2024 elections.

Due to the absence of the new register, new voters who present their cards for verification are turned away, with the hope that the updated register will be made available before the conclusion of the five-day verification exercise.

Furthermore, the usual deployment of two Electoral Commission workers, with one responsible for the list of names and the other verifying the register with photos, has been altered.

Only one polling station officer has been deployed to each centre, raising suspicions among citizens of potential misconduct by the EC.