Countryman Songo challenges Kwabena Kwabena to a 100m race

Ghanaian singer Kwabena Adu, popularly known as Kwabena Kwabena, failed to win a 100m race after he was challenged by Adom TV‘s sports presenter Countryman Songo on his Fire Chat show.

Though the Aso hitmaker has an athletic background, the TV presenter went all out to beat him on his latest Fire Chat episode that will be aired 5:pm this Saturday, June 18 on Adom TV.

To vindicate himself, Kwabena Kwabena also challenged Countryman Songo to a penalty shoot-out where he “crucified” him to neutralise the score.

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Make a date to watch Adom TV’s Fire Chat with Kwabena Kwabena 5:pm on Saturday.

Check out the video snippet below: